♦ Can I purchase only NEXTFILA bobbin without a filament?
    We don't sell the bobbin only. However we serve a bobbin STL file in our home page so, you can use NEXTFILA bobbin by 3D printing.

♦ Why NEXTFILA filament 1kg box is consist of two of 500g filaments?
    The each 500g filament is vacuum vinyl packed individually with a desicant. This pack can reduce a filament exposed time to humidity.
And a width of a assembled pack of two of 500g filaments is almost same as a normal 1kg bobbin, so you can use NEXTFILA filament without any modifications of your 3D printer.

♦ Do you have a plan to produce 1kg filament?
    Yes. We are now have a plan. It will be introduced sooner or later.

Filament Welder

♦ Recommend heating sources.
    We recommend a turbo gas lighter or a gas pencil torch. Fire of normal gas lighter might be weak and it will generate much soot. A candle or zippo lighter could be used but it will generate much more soot.
Do not use a heavy fire source like a normal gas torch. A PTFE block would be damaged.

NEXTFILA® is the world's first connectable 3D printer filament.
Use a whole filament completely without a remaining filament waste, No stress for waiting to change a filament even in night time or holiday, No stress for printing failure due to unexpected filament shortage when you are printing.
Use the NEXTFILA®, You can Save your money, Save your time, Save the earth.